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PaulWinslow says

Hi guys,

Another rejection :impatient: this time for my Conference theme.

I know I can do this but I just can’t seem to break through the review process lol. Are there any flaws here that immediately jump out at you? I mean, am I missing something really obvious?

What is it that approved, successful themes are doing that I’m clearly missing? Is it the images/graphics? The layout/margins/padding? The typography/line-height/fonts? What am I not quite getting right?

Conference theme

Thank you very much, Paul.

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BroOf says

I really like it! Really! Contact the reviewer and ask him what you could improve.

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ProgressionStudios says

I like it as well but here are a few small things to get you started:

- Add some navigation to the featured slider
- Make navigation items show as selected when on page. About link should show as selected when on about page
- Perhaps adjust the font size of slider, heading & logo on homepage as they are all too similar in size
- Sidebar is awkward in spacing and too wide. Perhaps add some padding on the inside of the list items.
- For me, I dislike the pushing down of buttons on click, but that’s just a personal one :-)

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GoodLayers says

It look much more better!

But I think you need to improve navigation.

And make your logo more stunning(May be in a better position).

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ThemePurpose says


The design is nice but there is no close window in the lightbox window on the portfolio page.

Link:Conference theme Portfolio Page

Good Work :)