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Well animator`s will have more use in this from me.

The Flash to HTML5 i didn’t get that part yet, look like it’s all on the canvas useless … ill give 2-3 year it will be great.. and back to hard coding like flash but i look at the browser no way you can do good optimizing on each browser

The native extension for mobile is nice add on, you can do a lot more there base on your mobile device extension.

That`s all i have to say about it right now :P there are tons of stuff to explore but the way i look of it i can live without it ……sprites export animation F – that :P it’s like 5 years old stuff.

I’ll find the time I’ll see if I can upload some examples ….

EDIT …...

Now that i think of it you will make a native flash export it to html5 and sell it on CC :P one thing for sure if you know js and try to get in to flash just to do the shifting you will have to be a flasher what a mess

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I mostly interest in CreateJS toolkit for Flash CS6 . That suite is a must for any flash dev migrating their skill to html5, other than that I see no use of CS6

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So Adobe is really going all in with html. Not surprised.

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you can get most of the mobile stuff from just updating your sdk, don’t need to pay for it lol

the createjs stuff was built by gskinner and so all the source is on his github so you don’t need to pay for that either really

will likely not bother with this one tbh…

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The only useful feature is the export thing for CreateJs, this can be the start of something really nice, I’ve worked with easel and is not that bad.

In the end I kinda understand ADOBE , flash is a lost battle for desktop or mobile as a web development tool so the only available option is to go with gaming, the sad thing is that I think 99% of flash developer will switch to html5 , I am one of those!