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PaddyTaylor says

Wow what an improvement! SO much better

REALLY like how you have broken the project and post pages apart with comments etc, looks cool.

As said above you really need to offer sidebars

Spacing on article son home page (image slook way better as you have them now)

Still think you need to break about us and contact us into TWO pages (spacing above the map and form is still a bit narrow but typography is way better throughout the site).

I would still suggest adding Blog post types/author name in the copy alongside the date you have under them

Portfolio items details need to be consistent and maybe add like client name, what you did and so on

Same goes for blog posts – still a bit random. think tidy and consistent.

IT is light years ahead of where you were and getting very close. Keep going

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christopherjon says
Additionally, I noticed you don’t have any side bars? This is a main feature for Wordpress themes, unless your theme is so unique and wonderful it doesn’t need to show them. I don’t think this is the case.

Bah Humbug.

There are no rules requiring every website or WordPress theme to have sidebars.

It’s a single column theme, that is what makes it unique and wonderful.

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wordpressation says

it’s beautiful :) Keep up the good work. Are these photos licensed properly? are they free or paid photos? can you tell me where can I get some? Again, very beautiful theme.