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AlexFjord says

First off look at the age of this thread it should be locked out.

Second ” Would best buy go out to where you store your purchases and remove them because they were discontinued?” is a ridiculous comment – this is an online marketplace only and doe snot have stores. The products they sell are consumables here it is digital downloads.

The bottom line is the process is clearly explained in the T&C that everyone agrees to and besides Envato is just a marketplace. They own zero copyright to any of the files on sale here so how could they cannot legally prevent an author from removing files when they want.

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ThemePrince says

”..None of them would do anything like this.”

Let’s see BeatPort for example. You have 24 hours to download your purchased song, after that they remove it.

This is how it usually works on the net.

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sevenspark Volunteer moderator says

Locking a year old thread to avoid confusion.

@texxs, if you have a concern about a removed item, you can contact Envato Support

I also agree that these files shouldn’t be removed, simply for customer convenience; however, Envato is not “where you store your purchases” – you are encouraged throughout the process to download and backup the files you purchased immediately.

If you haven’t downloaded your item, you can get a refund (just contact support). If you have downloaded it, you should have a copy you can use :)