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CoderBoys says

Please anybody help me get this template approved i wondered when themeforest rejected this template i did a lots of hard work for this please help out Demo : http://cpalead.pixub.com/

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charlie4282 says

Typogrpahy needs work throughout especially on the slider and in terms of consistency

Alignment needs to line up throughout the pages

Twitter stream don’t work

Publisher/advertiser pages feel incomplete

Needs more to it generally and to be modernised

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LoveThemes says

Nowhere near the required standard.

You’ve got a ton of different styles going on, colors don’t work together, typography is awful.

Some elements have drop shadows, others have gradients, som etext is embossed, others have glow, others have shadow.

Spacing is all over the place, a complete lack of visual hierarchy, or vertical rhythm.

Twitter feed doesn’t work and you have code validation errors.