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BrianCoyDesign says

The company I work for has to support it as Yahoo is one of our clients and they are internally using IE6 . Microsoft plans to support it until 2010 which makes no sense to me. They have the final beta for IE8 out which has a compatability mode which is default off. The good thing with it is that it’s closer to CSS2 standards than ever before so less differences between browsers. Its rumour to be coming in the next 30-60 days.

Personally I feel you support the browsers that your client’s customers support. Right now we’re supporting IE6 , IE7, Firefox 2 and 3 and will start supporting Chrome next month as its numbers are climbing. Safari is to small for the company I work for to deal with right now.

I hate IE6 with a passion.

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SachaG says

I guess the question should be, “why are so many people still using IE 6 ” ? This is a big flaw in Microsoft’s developement process and marketing strategy. After all, you don’t see people still using Firefox 1. Microsoft has created an atmosphere where you dread every update because you know the next version of windows/explorer/office will be full of bugs and feature creep… Probably why so many people never made the switch from XP to Vista, me included.