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kristopherfisheraudio says

So I have been thinking about this long and hard recently. What would you do with your time if you had an amount of income from AJ that was enough to support you each month?

Me personally – I would need around £1000 after tax each month, however I would look for £1500-£2000 a month so I could put a bit away each month to act as a cushion for those months where sales are lower than usual.

So the question of what would I do with all the extra time, as I would have an income each month regardless of if I worked or not. For me I currently work 40hrs a week in a 9-5 retail job to pay the bills, another 8 hours a week lecturing at the university and another 30 hours a week on music.

So for me, I would keep the 8 hours of work at the uni but the 40hrs I now have spare I would spend and extra 10-15 hours a week on music giving me a total of 40-45 hours a week musically and then the remaining 25-30hrs I would spend volentry working for my dads company, learning the ropes and helping out.

My family owns a boat design company, it sounds lavish etc but the truth is its family run by just my dad in his office up-stairs, not a big corporate company etc. My dad has always said he will never retire as he loves his work – a stage where I would love to be in my life, doing what love! However business can be slow for him at times and he needs the extra manpower for the online side of things, so he can get on with designing etc, so my extra time would be split between writing music and lending a helping hand with the family business and hopefully my extra input to the business will help being in more income for my parents to retire with.

This is something very close to my heart, hence why I am active and trying to release good quality content regularly so hopefully by 2016/17 I can do exactly what I have said above :)