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royolflush says

Hey All,

I have a website, www.epic-deals.net, that is currently on Google sites but I want to get it off of there and onto a different platform- maybe wordpress? I’m looking for something fairly easy and straight forward but that will still give me the flexibility to have a forum and lots of customizable site features. Ideally I would like to have a platform where I can just put in the pictures and text and then not have to resize them and edit everytime so that it just goes into the table on my site. If anyone has any ideas for me or a theme that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Sebastian

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sandra_2010 says

Hi there! Still looking?

If so, let me know .. I’ll be glad to render our design/development experts to work here.

Let’s discuss then! Email me at sandramercado2010 [at] gmail [dot] com

Hoping to hear from you!

- Sandra …

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creativestuff says

I developed a CMS that would fit your needs contact me at bgaby88 at yahoo dot com for details