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helloGreenStar says

I got a few photos rejected and a couple that need updated (model release on one, removal of a logo on another, etc) and a few that were accepted and noticed that a few of the rejected ones were (in my opinion) better than the ones accepted.

However, I’m fairly new to photography and since I don’t really feel like trying to compete at the larger sites like istock, I decided to upload my photos here.

I am not looking to make a million dollars off the photos, I just want to learn, have fun & make some cash while I’m at it.

Most people will end up using search, rather than looking at photos on the main page only, so if someone uploads 200 photos, I don’t think it’ll effect people finding your photos if you tag them right and write a good description.

I’m hoping this site takes off. fingers crossed

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collis Envato team says

Hey GreenStar!

Thanks for uploading, I agree about the search, I think long term that’s the key to photos. I think also our reviewing will also fine-tune over time, right now we’re still finding our groove. Also we’ve got a few large authors who are being imported in. Because of the volume of their portfolio’s we’ve been doing sample reviews (reviewing a random sample) and then porting them in and going over the items on the live site. It’s not ideal, but it saves a mountain of review time. That’s the reason for occasional oddities like textures which belong on GraphicRiver, and photos not quite up to scratch. Hopefully we’ll have most of that stuff sorted during this beta phase.

Anyhow, I also hope it takes off :-) double fingers crossed!

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urbazon says

Ever since I’ve read the first news about PhotoDune (even before the official announcement… actually, even before we knew of PhotoDune) I’ve been waiting to submit my (rather small) portfolio of images. I don’t have many photos, I’m not a professional photographer, but I wanted to be part of the PD community, since I’m already present at some other Envato marketplaces and I love being here…

So now, when I finally got the chance to contribute, I’ve got a few of my images rejected because “there are already too many similar images approved” (by other authors, of course). I don’t like that :/ We, small fishes, just stand no change here, no matter how ‘hard’ we try.

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xdkd says

Search interface needs overhaul, it’s unusable now. Please look at istock.

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Thecodingdude says

This will never work, there really is too many items.

I thought this would follow the same rules and principals as the other marketplaces, but sadly, that isn’t the case.

It shouldn’t be about volume, it should be about quality. And I can’t see this being “very successful” (for the smaller authors mind).

If I had about 10 items, I just simply would not stand a chance when there are authors with tens of thousands of items.

The search needs a complete overhaul, and I think it should not be biased in anyway. Meaning, that a search will only contain a max of 5 images per author (for example).

“Our current featured author here on PhotoDune is elenathewise who joined in March 2011, has a portfolio of 10585 items for sale and has racked up 137 sales!”

Hmm, over 10000 files and only 137 sales…..

...I honestly believe that this is far from going public…

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hothoundz says

Coding Dude – stock photography is very different to selling other items on Envato. People producing high-volume RF microstock are really the only ones making any decent money (although pricing is still going downwards and the recession is affecting markets too).

1) I think for starters Envato needs to establish who and what the target is for these images. If this is to be another iStock clone – forget it. The market is over-saturated and libraries are being swallowed by Getty on a regular basis. The downward spiral of pricing is being forced by major players ensuring that they have market share, photographers get less money due to the ever-falling prices and other libraries suffer. What is PhotoDune’s USP ?

2) What is quality? I have licensed a picture of dog muck several times (RM editorial). Technically it’s a quality image. I just licensed a picture (RM) for advertising for $3000 for 1 month. It is not a “great” image but it is what the client wanted – that’s what stock is all about. To a certain degree, stock photographers shoot a lot and wide range of imagery in the hope that the pictures sell. There is no guarantee but the more you have, the more chance you have to sell. BUT you have to put them in the right market place…which leads us back to question 1 above. In the microstock market you have even less chance to make good money unless you have high volume and quality (mostly model released lifestyle which costs to produce..model fees etc_).

3) Quantity. They used to say that you should initially aim for a return on your images is $1 per image per year (RM). If you’re successful it is a lot more. For RF microstock it can be a lot less unless very successful (see http://microstock.pixelsaway.com/return-per-image-rpi-from-my-microstock-portfolio-3-year-trends/). Quantity and quality are important but you have to know what sells, what the market wants and be able to produce it en-mass to make money. You with 10 images stand little chance of making money unless they’re utterly brilliant images and PhotoDune becomes a major market player. When you have 3000 images you should be seeing returns but don’t ever expect to be rich from it.


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collis Envato team says

Hey hothoundz, a lot of excellent points. And nice example with the dog muck :-D

I think PhotoDune’s USP is really being a part of the Envato Marketplace set. There are a huge pool of buyers here on the marketplaces, and to some extent PhotoDune is to complete the set and make sure it’s possible to get a full range of creative assets through the one network. I think this strengthens our other marketplaces, and vice versa brings a USP to PhotoDune.

So in terms of a USP to authors, it’s really about offering access to sell photos to the 800,000+ buyers on our sites. And for buyers, it’s about offering a way to buy photos through a comfortable interface, with credit they may already have with us.

Our mission at Envato is to help people earn, and to learn, online. Obviously there are plenty of sites out there created to help people earn money selling photography, so we’re under no illusions that we’re coming out with something amazingly ground-breaking here. It’s really about making a good marketplace that has good quality photos, which fits in nicely with the other Envato marketplaces.

And from there I figure we can evolve and work out what areas of demand there are and adapt. I hope that in time we will actually find a unique gap so we can offer something that is truly valuable to photographers. Certainly if you have any ideas, I’d love to hear them!

Ultimately I would love for us to slowly get to a place where we offering more value than the simple USP I outlined above, but even so I still think it’s a worthwhile thing to do. And as I say, for our authors on the other marketplaces, it’s another way to bring in more buyers to them.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this though!