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vipul_verma says

Everyday I see new templates are launched on themeforest.net varying from $10 to $25…

My question is each template has high-quality images. Do these author purchase these images and add them…cause these images together cost more than 100’s of dollars. If so how will a new author start here and add high quality images. As spending $100 to get $10 is not business. And again every template has different images.

So confused that how a new author add high quality images to there template. What procedure to follow. No need to tell I take from this site n that site..that I know very well..but all these site does not give permission to show there images for our commercial projects. So from where these authors are getting images. Do I have to purchase images every time? And is it OK to show these images for preview purpose only…do i have to ask each author to give permission to display there images in my project…as I already mention images are for preview not uploaded in actual template. So whats the need to ask the photographer if I am just showing there images for demonstration of my template. Do themeforest.net allow this?

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FinalDestiny says

You’re selling the same template/theme multiple times, not just one time.

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surjithctly says

1. You can use items from Photodune.net in your File but not to include it in Download. Bcoz you need an extended license from the photographer to resell.

2. Yes. Authors may purchase images for $100, but their template will make $1000.