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I entirely agree with the most authors that it should be more clearer for the buyers. We all know the difference between the support and theme customization. Most customers consider them as the same. Personally I do no see the reason to pay for the things that we almost all doing now, I mean the support. As I’ve mentioned before, the customers should get more information about what they get with the purchase. Now, they even do not read the license information.

The whole idea reminds me the way how the membership sites work. But the concept of this marketplace differs. You should not sell the theme support, you have to upsell the products, offering theme installation, customization services pack etc I do not mind to share 30/70 in this case.

“Enabled” mentioned about the instant refund. I think is not a good idea, because it leads to the huge number of requests and every refund costs $10 to Envato.

Anyway, we both authors and Envato will find the golden mean.

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Hello, Great changes, for buyers and for authors.

I have a question:

If I buy a theme which has a 6 months support and within that period I purchase my second licence for the same theme then how many months will I receive support? will it be additional 6 months? how will that be displayed or added to my profile so that the Author understands that I will be eligible for additional 6 months support because I have purchased additional theme licence(s)

I hope my question is clear.



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There is also NO legal ground for all this.

I DO NOT WANT someone to sell something ON MY BEHALF and oblige ME with a work I didn’t confirmed I want to do!

How can you even imagine that. Don’t have lawyers? Than spend some money on this! It’s good business sense to try maximizing the income sources and total profit, but I MUST ask – did you lost your minds??

If this become true I would just delete my items when they pass the 6 months and upload new items. I am pretty good in my area and can easily produce 2 unique items/month if I wish so it’s not a problem. Also I could just keep supporting the deleted items on my own channels without letting you know.

And it’s not about me not wanting to provide support! I do it anyway even now. I just don’t want YOU to make more money without more involvement from your side and oblige ME with something I don’t want just because this way you could earn more!

What do you really want? To make this place just a platform for promotion of ourselves and start selling the real good items on our own marketplaces??! Because you’re going EXACTLY with this direction!

HA! You don’t do your job even now. Keeps us waiting for basic stuff for years!

Why would I give you 30% of something I do anyway on my expenses??

Build a proper unified support system and ask for more money. Otherwise – think twice before you ANNOUNCE such decisions.

We have an agreement between me and you. In this agreement I am the MAJOR SHAREHOLDER with 70% share. You can’t INFORM me how the things would be since 1st of December!

It’s just a common sense.. or it should be!

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That wouldn’t work for everybody. I for example would NEVER do custom work for 20USD/hour. My minimum hourly rate is 40 USD. No one can tell me what’s the price of my work. Someone buys a pack and I’m obliged to do the work? No, thanks.

This is true too, i also wont do custom work for less than $50. But i was referring to envato like prices. I do not think envato will charge users $50 for an hour of support. Most users will blab about how come 1 hour is worth more than the file itself.

If it was for me, i’d keep this as is.

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I do believe it should be opt in to sell support time, don’t make authors have to support people who pay a few extra $$, the minority will take the piss out of it.

I disagree that authors should set their rate as then there is no universal pricing across the marketplace e,g,

New author from Indonesia sells their time @ $8 an hour

Experienced author from America will do it for $40 an hour

There needs to be a middle ground and I believe it should be like this:

- Buyers buy additional support in 1 month “packs” (who needs more than this?) this should complement the existing “free support” which should be 1 month.

- The price should be the same cost as the item e.g. $50

- If an author wants to provide customisation to their buyers, there should be a button next to the download button like there already is) which links to their Envato Studio profile, this is opt in.

I do the support for an elite author and he doesn’t want to do customisations to his themes so he sends buyers to an external service, let authors add this to their theme.

I said this above, the whole system needs to work for Envato, authors and buyers financially, it can’t be too expensive that it puts buyers off, it can’t be too cheap to put authors off and it can’t be a lot of hassle for Envato.

Let authors be in control of the system, let them decide if they want to be involved and let them decide how they control it.

I don’t think Envato should build a support system for authors (let the authors build their own, much easier) but make building / using them easier using 0auth as I really hate having to sign upto tens of different support forums.

If you give the authors a little control and make it easier to manage the support then most will be on your side.

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Adding on to my previous comment on page 12:

I would like to say that I am in favor of the core “idea” Envato is proposing here, as buggy themes should be fixed, what angers me is the half-baked amateur implementation of the idea in its current form.

If I were in charge, I would have at the very least implemented this idea like this:

1- In all comment sections of Themes/Plugins, add a new radio-select/filter for buyers before they are able to leave their comment (similar to when you try to submit a ticket to Envato), so buyers have to select between “Bugs / customization / pre-sale questions” or whatever, and if they select customization, a big message should appear “Customizations: Brief explanation of what customization means. And state that it is NOT free”. Then the author gets these comments in separate/filtered feeds of their specific type or at least give us the option to only show “bug comments” some way, so that we can focus on answering them first, or whatever order we want to.

2- 6 months with free support? It is clear that if you have 6 months forced free support, then buyers should not be able to receive updates after that, because after every update, buyers ask lots of new questions. Authors will have to risk their reputation explaining “Your 6 months free support is finished, you need to pay more now”, this would make us look terrible to buyers, it should all be automatic and integrated in the system, not done by authors via comments. So after 6 months, the system should say “if you need support or want to leave comments, you need to pay more” or something similar, otherwise what is the point of the changes, as authors will just answer everything anyway? Also, why 6 months? What kind of buyer discover bugs 6 months after buying a theme? If this is the way Envato wants to go, it should be 1 month max, and then top up another month when they need more.

3- Possibly even create a support system which each author can access in their dashboard, for us to keep track of everything and keep it under the Envato roof. Where only confirmed buyers can access, etc, etc.

That is how you could even try to justify getting an extra 30% from support we already do.

It baffles me how out of touch Envato seem with the reality of the work authors do and how buyers are.

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I’m okay with this, but:

Most buyers already thought that support comes with the purchase, so this wouldn’t change much. DS not every purchase comes with a buyer that needs 1 hour support. This is the same analogy of Flickr giving everyone 1TB space, Crashplan giving unlimited backup space: only a minority of buyers you’ll end up having a conversation with, over 1 hour, let alone exchange 1 message in the first place. It’s the cost of doing business and think of it as a 1-2 hour “different” thing to do every day. I’m wondering if we hire someone to do support, what’s an acceptable way of measuring work and paying them?

My concerns:

What if someone decides that they still want to provide lifetime free support (and no buyer in their right mind will blow the wistle – “hey I received free support after 6 months, what the hell”), to gain advandate over those that obey the 6 month rule? The author could either do this deliberately or just because they forgot to give a sh!t and check purchase times.

What will keep people from setting up their own support packs on their own site for sale, after the 6 months? Would this be covered in the exclusivity agreement that you can only see support packs via the system in place?

How will the support pack’s price be set? For busy theme authors with lots of themes the hourly price of extra support would probably be much higher than usual (as time is money) as there will be a large demand for this.

Can I just send off anyone (even required to) after 6 months telling them to buy the support pack if they want any kind of answer via email or comments?

How am I supposed to know of a buyer in the item comments when did they buy the product?

Also in the email I get, I can only see the purchase time if I click on the verification link.

What if someone purchased the product 1 year ago then purchased it again 1 week ago. Do they get new 6 month support? What if they require assistance on the first purchase or a problem regarding their first usage, first site. Does a new purchase renew support? It’ll be a bit awkward.

I believe to make things simpler it should work like this: 6months mandatory. After 6+ you can decide if you still want to provide free support OR send the buyer off to buy support pack OR no support whatsoever (disabling ability to buy packs).

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Hey guys, sorry if this question was asked before – but how about when I want to delete my theme/template from the marketplace? If I’m a client and today I decide to buy a theme that advertises 6 months of ‘free’ support, I might get pissed off if I wake up one month from now and I find the theme was deleted from the marketplace. I might feel that I was cheated off of 5 extra “free” support months.

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So, Envato wants a share of a product that is FORCED on authors? That’s not right. Most of us already provide support for free but if the business has to stay sustainable for authors, I’m in favor for charging per 6 months. This should also mean that users should only be allowed to place a rating within the first 6 months because there won’t be any support after the first 6 months that includes free support which means some buyers will either try to blackmail or place a revenge rating which also isn’t right.

Let authors decide if they want to opt-in and you really, REALLY need to think this through, Envato.

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Great news. Thanks for that! ;)

I guess the support pack will have it’s own purchase code so we can make amendments to our support system. Will there be changes to API regarding that?

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