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You know, you can still use Flash and deploy in HTML5. Anyway say thanks to Zombie Steve for what happened.

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I agree with it on most of the part, I see the topic on some other view, as long there won’t be any unity with all browser supporting good JS and CSS3,that annoy thing call flash will be around ,not to mention there is no really replacement for flash banner animation.

@tsafi there is a banner animation replacement, it was made by me :) ( http://www.html5banneradd.com/ ), I do not advertise it, I sold it about 8 months ago. Ironically I made the app in Flex and it exports HTML banners :)), I kinda embraced the HTML/JS and WP – launched a new account on TF, I miss the apps, I guess I will start building apps soon and quit themes dev.

cheers! jayc

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^Hey jayc you know i like you man (selling stuff outside the envato, traitor :P ) that is not what i meant; this is not animation what you have there, you just stick object there, you can’t do any custom basic animation motion stuff with html5, maybe you are telling yourself its animation but it’s not .

I’ll give you example, this is the biggest website in the country i am right now ,ignore the language (http://www.walla.co.il/ ) about 800 hundred thousand to a million visitors/entry`s a day (small country you know ), there is tone of flash banner stuff there (in the weekend not much flash ),maybe 30-50 flash stuff there with all the sub section that change almost every 24-72 hours’ with new flash stuff ,i do maybe 8-10 new animation stuff for them every day or two (take me about 2-4 hours’,i just hope i won’t do that sh* for the next 9 years ) .

Now jayc you know i am not a 5 year old ,you can smoke all the weeds in the world, or drink Jack Daniel’s as much as you want even all day and i don’t think by the year 2022 you can even come close to this with html5 CSS/CSS3/JS whatever .

Now you ask yourself what’s the logic? Why they do that? First as a developer i can tell you it’s a crap website ,fu*` slow with tons of JS crap stuff and flash and pop up window, but this how they generate fast money with advertise (and it’s not cheap to advertise there ), so now you ask what the IPCrap IPhonecrap doing no flash you know, well they get static advertise or a custom surf for the IPCrap IPhonecrap or you can download there app ,you see over here they don’t idolater Apple as there is maybe 500-600 hundred thousand with mobail Apple stuff not that much as you know Android is the true king :P.

So jayc you didn’t invent anything you just remake something and then convince yourself it’s a true replacement for flash animation but it’s not :P .

More ,I’ll give you more advise ,In the year 2000 i move to solo flash only because the HTML world was a jungle, i mean everyone where doing it and you really had 0 leverage on others, half the time you were doing promotion and advertising to yourself(like what you are doing now even if you say its not advertise, i believe you bro` ) instead of making stuff, what you have today is exactly the same, everyone making what everyone is doing and as the old GNR song say “you are in the jungle baby you gon`a die ” now i told you before jayc you know i like you man, but that’s stuff you show me i have seen 2-3 years ago on CC, so OK now you call it Html/ html5 CSS/CSS3/ whatever , and 8 years ago we call this “flash” banner :P

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