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josweb says

Hi, I was wondering if anybody could help please…. I have had a question in regards to one of my templates. Demo

The customer would like to include internal links. For example on the home page to another page within the site, and a link on page 2 to another ‘panel’ within page 2. I have tried to add a name tags but this isn’t working.

Can anybody assist please? Many thanks in advance.

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minamoto19 says
have you tried the live handlers? I dont know how jquery of your template is structured but ive done that before in one of my sites. Look on the link below, live handlers solution solved my problem… http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5986889/ui-jquery-tabs-create-more-than-one-link-to-tabs-within-tabs-on-same-page If you have more specific questions regarding your theme and linking accodion i would be glad to help. Nice design btw