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Pricop says

Apple just showed their new iOS 7 at WWDC, what do you think about the new design? I was really disappointed seeing the new design (looks horrible, like some sort of random rainbow gradient, or just a bad color palette), there we go:

The overall changes are more than welcome, having a new app switcher which is much better, an improved notification center, shortcuts for the so much missing wireless and other connectivity buttons, dynamic icons, but no widgets option on the screen.

I still can’t believe that those are official icons.

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digitalimpact says
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Joost Volunteer moderator says

I’ll limit myself to the key point of tonight: MOAR AIRDROP! :delicious:



Thanks! I was not aware of that thread, since it was only in ThemeForest. I’ve moved that thread to Global Offtopic and locked this one as a duplicate :)