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Nifrodel says

I noticed that the Theme Forest features phpBB forum templates in the Misc section. Any chance of adding Invision Power Board skins to its inventory?

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JeffreyWay Moderator says

Possibly. It all depends on how many submissions we receive. So, if the demand was high enough, sure!

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AivahThemes says

Hello Nifrodel,

Iam on the way to put vbulletin and IPB Skins as well. As said by JeffreyWay “It all depends on how many submissions we receive”

I am on the way to submit the stock in bulk so will be uploading the Stock by end of this month or soon.

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MaxD says

It passed some time since this thread has been posted but I’ve also tried to submit IPB and requested more info about vBulletin and the response was that it will do a bad karma to the site. (that I understood from e-mails)

I can do WP or other templates, but I got a really good experience in vB and the WP scene is already too big.

I doubt that there will be more sales for PhpBB rather than vBulletin or IPB . If a customer hasn’t money to take a license for those he will not have money for the template too, right?

As a PS: What places you guys visit to sell your themes (vB, IPB )?