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My latest music track, after 13 days, has automatically got hold “by review team”, but without sending an e-mail that the item has been hold. I know from my previous experience, that if the item gets on hold, there is an e-mail informing about that.

My previous track, however, got stuck the exactly same way, and after an additional month of unnecessary waiting, it turned out it wasn’t hold at all, but stuck because of some error. It has been cleaned up by the reviewer who checked it and found the problem. That story is described in this forum thread:


I don’t want to waste a month again, if this is an error. I’m not going to contact the support either, because the last time they answered that this was a normal hold. If any reviewer can help somehow and check if this is a real hold or an error, please help!

I cannot provide the link to the track on AJ yet, but here it is on SoundCloud, to be sure what track are we talking about: