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Well the Total Recall trailer doesn’t really have any distinctive features to copy.It’s 3D chrome text that rotates.I’d like to see someone claiming the copyright on that.

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We have seen a realy well selling templates which are total ripoff of movies like “Lincoln Lawyer”, “Transformers”, “Batman”(at least it reminds me that).

You don’t need to be creative to recreate someones simple but original genius idea.

Simplicity always wins. Can we say that one or another motion graphics technique is copyrighted?? thats a whole different question. I think we can’t.

There is a big difference between copycating and using same motion graphics technique.

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Last month I’ve seen at least two approved projects here, which have the same idea, movement and colors as in original footage in movie/movie trailer. I’m not going to point my finger at concrete works, it’s not my business, but you’re doing it at your own risk and since reviewers couldn’t see all the movies they’ll approve it. If I were you I would stay away from original idea and try to create something new or improve the original idea.

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Absolutely agree with Andrenavarre and many of you.

Even if copied idea can be approved for sale it is question of authir self-respect.
IT’s hard to do really original things. When you try to do original staff there are still big chances to do similar to something previously created by somebody elso so why to invest time to duplicate other’s ideas or products intentionally?

Best Regards, Andrey

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Is it legal to copy someone else’s idea? In short: No.

If you do, VH may miss it, but if they don’t the file will be rejected or may be later removed if it’s reported.

Imagine the scenario: You sell your film titles project to an independent film. They use the titles for their film in a festival and it does really well. It gets a good sized release. 100×35mm prints of the film are created for distribution in cinemas. It goes to those cinemas, where it is brought to the attention of the movie studio that made the original. They sue and request for the movie to be withdrawn. Cost… new title sequence and 100 x new 35mm prints, plus lost profits and future income – running potentially into tens of millions.

Who’s liable? You are.

Think up an original idea. :)

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Envato team

Making a file based on someone else’s work, including movie titles, would fall under the classification of a derivative work. We used to let these files in, but a while back we decided to stop accepting derivative work. If you make a file that’s based on something else and we catch it, it won’t be approved. If we’re unfamiliar with the original and it slips through, it can be removed if it’s later reported.

To be safe, your best bet would be to only upload original works that you create yourself. Not only to abide by our policies, but to respect the hard work and effort put forth by the original creator or studio.

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