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MSFX Volunteer moderator says
I used it for a while but I dont like using Google for everything, scared they’ll pull the plug one day and the world will collapse lol :P
The change that a smaller company to which you’ll trust only some of your stuff will collapse is drastically bigger – that’s why I like keeping all my stuff at a place I trust instead of having to find several different ‘trustees’ ;)

lol, Thunderbird is free and I can’t see Mozilla going anywhere plus ive got it installed now so i’ll have it forever, they cant stop me :D muhahaha :P

at the end of the day if you can make it yourself then thats the way to go :)

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DanielKeller says

lol where should google go :D they’re the best search engine in the whole WWW

we could make our own search engine and call it “beActive”, “reActive” or “radioActive” :P