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Hein says
@jonathan01 How much time did it take before got your items? (this would probaply be different for each country :p) but generally?

Depends what you pay for shipping :) Most times it’s free shipping but that is anything up to 10 days I think – best just to pay and get your goodies in 2 or something.

Plus – whenever I have bought from them I never get charged sales tax – helps to reduce the total price. (although I haven’t bought from them in about a year)
Jonathan, do they deliver outside the us. Can’t find the answer on there site.
I’m talking with them right now :) International Customers (01) 310-366-6900

Thanks Ivor, let me know what they say please. here or on gtalk ;0

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Ivor Reviewer says

I can’t buy with Paypal thanks to our f** president. I have to transfer the money to one US debit card and wait 4 – 5 business days. I have a friend with an account there but he lives here thanks God and I’m sure that I can easily find somebody here ;) – anyways I’ve transfered $1.500 to my friend’s card and I’ll wait those 5 days. :D I Can’t wait!