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ashtra says

Hi, i’m designing my first wordpress template but can’t get out this question of my mind: is wordpress theme design still a great bussines for new authors?

I know, and i don’t doubt that wordpress is here to stay and it will be the most used cms for long time, I don’t doubt that here are authors selling their themes really good, but what can whe, the new authors, expect?

I don’t know what to think because i see that a lot of new themes are upload daily and a lot of them have good design but low sales, and every day more and more authors are joining themeforet to sell wordpress themes and the themes increasingly have more and more functions like 10 diferent sliders, list of prices, portfolio 1, 2, 3, 5 columns etc… And that is more and more work.

So what do you think?

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pezflash says

I think WP is where money is.
I think its an overcrowded market. And will grow many more.
I think that you will need to play the game to see if you are lucky.

Your last paragraph resumes the rules of this game. ;)

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asifnm7 says

As a buyer I would say that competition is good, yes it is true that their are more and more templates now but buyers will always pick the best ones, so really it is an incentive to create templates better than other peoples. Wordpress is the leading cms at the moment and I am sure will be for some time to come so stick with it and improve your skills.

If you have a belief that any template you create will automatically sell then you are in the wrong business. Every business sector is overflowing with suppliers, only the best will succeed so make your sites the best that you can and like all the power sellers on here you too will be successful.

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Pirenko says

The answer is yes, but your skills must be much better than 2 or 3 years ago. You must find ways to stand out, because it’s clear for everyone that there’s a lot of people developing for Wordpress.