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majd_abdul says

Hey all,

This is my first post on CC, as I spend most my time over at AD.

Going through the categories I noticed there’s a Games subcategory for HTML5 , but it’s empty.

I’d like to know if there is place for HTML5 games on CC. Is the category empty because of lack of demand? Or is it too time-consuming to make games in HTML ?


Majd Puppeteer

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colormyapp says
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FireJermWebs says

I would say both. not much demand for something that isn’t fully implemented or widespread.

Also the time it takes to learn how to do such a thing is ridiculous.

Html5 (Fred) is still in quirks development and may even be renamed to just html (whatwg says its a living doctype that needs no version number; meaning they are running out of ideas.). So yeah its going to take a couple of years or more before something gets added there.