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murga says

Hello guys. I’m working on small project i want to put to codecanyon, but I don’t know is this going to be accepted. This is User management script where users can register, login, view other profiles, send message to them. Users have they roles ( admin , global mod, member , unverified ). Admins can do everything in administration, ban, check double IP’s, statistics, verify users,database backup. Globals can check double IP’s and verify users. Here’s ss. I have to work on design, but here it is.


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Firsh says

The only way to tell if it’s going to be accepted is to submit it, then you’ll see. You definitely need to improve the design first.

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wopethemes says

no, you need better design.

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FracturedDesigns says

That will most definitely be rejected. Despite the fact you need a better design, you have used copyrighted material on there.

The logo next to the text “LazeCMS” is on graphicriver, by the author fixim.

Here is a link to the item: http://graphicriver.net/item/colordata/694305?WT.ac=search_thumb&WT.seg_1=search_thumb&WT.z_author=fixim

I would strongly doubt that you have purchased an extended license for this item and therefore you are breaching the copyright by designing to sell it as an element in your CMS design.