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european says

Hey guys the theme I chose that does not work with wordpress but it is suitable with my business and what I do, Are there themes that look on the preview with 2 columns but i can easily make them 3 like the one that did not work? And the new theme i chose if there is no rotating photos on top of it can we install a plugin for that?

Mainly…does this theme exist in a wordpress functionality? Or can I find a very similar that has 3 columns like this one and a rotating photos in the top middle column. Please check here: http://themeforest.net/item/darkgloss/17569 would post some links if you know any ones that are like this one but that work in wordpress?

Thank you for the support.

Best Hristo

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CreatingDrew says

Hey Hristo,

I’ve moved your post to our “Item Requests” category, best of luck in your search! :)

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firnovion says

I can make it as a WordPress theme. I have a lot of experience designing and translating HTML files to WordPress. Contact me for more info.