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iamthwee says

Joost good stuff. You are officially forgiven over your ‘Linux needs rebooting after updates statement’. ;) You are in fact a jedi master LOL .

@razzc, you’re missing the point… Well, at least the one about unsecured wifi. Click remember password or typing in your password won’t make a difference if the site you are using is unsecured and does not have SSL … Potentially, you could use SSL sites over an unsecured network, like paypal, but I wouldn’t for piece of mind.

A good link to read is: http://androidforums.com/computers/302947-how-safe-use-unsecured-wifi.html

So guys be wary of doing stuff from your local starbucks… Chances are you won’t find hackers there, but you never know.

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Joost Volunteer moderator says

Joost good stuff. You are officially forgiven over your ‘Linux needs rebooting after updates statement’.

Hehe, again, I’m sorry for misinforming xD Guess I’m too used to an OSX system that needs the occasional reboot when the OS has updates and just assumed Linux would need that too. Mea culpa :P

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pixelentity says

Also once you get the site back up and running, research every plugin you’ve used to see if anyone has reported vulnerabilities.

I had a WP site hacked in a similar way, and it was because they exploited a vulnerability in a plugin.

That’s actually the most important thing to do as the huge majority of compromised sites are due to script kiddies/hackers wannabes running tools (they just downloaded) to find and exploit well know vulnerabilities.

Widely used CMSs like wp, joomla as well as their top plugins/themes are those tools primary targets.