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Webbu says

Good sample doru :)

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egemenerd says

The exact same advice I got last time. Must have been a copy and paste.

no, no copy paste. copy paste means you got some awesome website and copied everything and your design looks similar/the same but at least it looks great like the original

in your case there are so many bad things in that design that we can’t even start to provide suggestion. The only thing I can say is scrap it and take some time to browse some nice websites to get yourself the idea what is accepted as good design these days

Also, if the design is “bad” then tell me why? Saying something is bad does not constitute a valid critique.

I will use the following example:

you design is like this:

what you need to get accepted

take this with a bit of salt. you just need more knowledge of webdesign.

+1 :D