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WalkingPixels says

Hi everyone!

We would like to start discussion about no-javascript fallback requirement. Let’s face the truth, which site would work properly these days without javascript? Except of very simple sites, none. You would not be able to use most of the Google web apps, Facebook and almost all major web services. Almost all templates here requires javascript frameworks, use ajax or modernizr, selectivizr and other scripts to support HTML5 for older browsers.

In terms of accessibility, yes no-javascript fallback makes sense, but again the truth is that you can provide fallback for simple issues, but without javascript you are not able to handl HTML5 or new CSS selectors for oldies and your site will not work at all. Based on our own experiences, people are confused of it and don’t want javascript fallback. We get about 5 customization request per month just to remove javascript fallback from our templates.

As we said goodbye to IE6 , maybe it’s time to make javascript fallback optional and leave it up to authors. What do you think?