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RelStudios says

hello everyone..i am in the process of making my landing page?what are the new features that i can include in my page any help ??

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Flinq says

What do you mean with new features? new features in which context?

i think it highly depends on your goals especially what kind ot target group you aim on..

Generally modern landing pages should include:

  • - valid code standarts, so high cross-browser compability
  • - clean and simple looking
  • - tasty call to action buttons
  • - maybe some product promo (image/video) slider, viewer
  • - a good coloursheme (not to fancy)
  • - quick and easy to use signup forms for user input data
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jeffeatworld says

It’d be good to get an official answer on this e.g. what are the main requirements.

All of the above count, my advice too would be consider your design and think about “the fold” – you can Google that to get a good idea of dimensions.

A good (and working) e-mail subscription form would be handy too.

I’m actually inspired to do one now lol.