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ringster says

Paypal can’t recognise ‘strange’ adresses so I can’t pay through them.

that’ll teach me to try and save some time by buying code…. an hour lost

Don’t tell me to sign up elsewhere or whatever, cos maybe that will change nothing…

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aaranmcguire says

Hi ringster,

Sorry for your experience, if I was you I would contact Paypal, it may be a bug in there system, or they may need proof of the address you typed in.

Paypal Support

If you need any more help feel free to ask.

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WPWiseOwl says

Envato / PayPal already do allow payment by Credit Card. So that’s certainly not the issue.

So even though PayPal allows payment by Credit Card directly (without having / creating an actual PayPal account), you’re still unable to purchase this way?

Have you tried the alternate payment deposit payment processor Skrill / Moneybookers? Does that fail too?

If both fail, you may wish to check with your bank to see if it’s not being declined for whatever reason or use a different card.