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Again, I’m Enabled, a forum moderator and people call me a bastard! :D
Don’t be so hard on yourself, you are a cool guy! :)

Haha! Come on! Who dares to call you like that? ;)

@tommusrhodus: Now it makes sense ;) Thanks for sharing! :D

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I’m Shahriyer (you guys can call me Shuvo) and I live in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

I’m like 6’ or 6’1” (haven’t measured in a while) and I am studying for A levels. I am self-learning graphics design for about 2-3 years, still not in a very professional level.. my first professional experience was working here at envato.. never really liked to work for clients or freelance :)

In my free time i love to try out new stuff, watch anime and movies, play hell of a lot of games, Borderlands 2 is one of my favorites btw :P

I like playing basketball, hang around with my friends (although most of the time i just sit at home, like what i’m doing right now lol)

I want to learn everything which interests me, although what happens is pretty much like Jack of trades, master of none. But the main thing is that i like to try and do everything by myself so that i have a clear understanding.

My mind is totally blank right now so i don’t know what else to say, should end here before accidentally self promote myself haha jk :nerdy:

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Nice thread this one! I like the effort of trying to make this also a bit more personal. I am Joao 29 years old (freshly made last Thursday)from Portugal. Last year I moved to Vienna in Austria with my girlfriend and my dog Bambu.

Like tom I also love surfing and have surfed since I was 12 back in Portugal (not so cold as in the UK I guess) but now here in Austria it’s mainly sk8boarding and Snowboarding in the winter. Other than that I am either on the computer or cooking.

Envato is only a part time for me, I do have a full time job but still I have a lot of fun playing around with Drupal themes and some other web related stuff. Maybe one day make this official and move to Italy develop themes and fish that would be just great ehe!

Don’t have a pic of mine here now but I will add it later to the thread.

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Again, I’m Enabled, a forum moderator and people call me a bastard! :D
Don’t be so hard on yourself, you are a cool guy! :)

Haha! Okay, let me rephrase then!

I’m 25, I love working out, if possible I’d work 16 hours and train 8 hours, but between those schedules there’s living haha! I love spending time with my fiancee ( PS: I just got engaged a 2 months ago ) I’m a huge gadget guy. I practice MMA as well, buuuuut, my fiancee tends to object to my black eyes so I just lift, jog and occasionally ( it’s been some time ) go out biking with friends!

later edit: How about you?!


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