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SmithandSurrency says

I need to get the purchase code for a theme we bought a while back, and the “License Certificate” link is not appearing next to the “Regular License” like it should. Any advice on where to find the purchase code?


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Dzinc says

Hi SmithandSurrency, we’ve recently made some changes to the Downloads page, announced here. Now, by clicking on the item’s Download button, you’ll also see the option to download the License Certificate.

If you need any further assistance, don’t hesitate to ask. Good luck.

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acrx963 says

When I click the Download button it directs me straight to the .zip file. There is no drop-down menu. I’m not sure how I can obtain my license certificate now. Please assist.

EDIT: Sorry, it was just my ad blocker. Deactivating it enabled the drop-down menu.