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cswalsh says

I often stumble across a project I like that I know I’ll be able to use in the future, but haven’t found an easy way to “save” it (other than emailing myself the link with a VH subject line for easy searching later).

I know i can follow creators (which I do), but I’d love to be able to bookmark, favorite, or add projects for future reference.

Also, would love to be able to easily download the video preview for Videohive items I’ve purchased, to save with the project.

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sightsignal says

You can create your own collections on your profile tab ( http://videohive.net/user/username/bookmarks ) and add items to those collections. You just have to go to the item’s page and use the “Bookmark This!” button below the item details on the right side.

To download the preview video just play the video and move the mouse over it… there’s a download button on the top left (arrow pointing down).