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xumio says

I’m getting ready to upload my first template and I need to clarify how I can link to videos and video thumbnails for my preview. Is it ok to link to YouTube and Vimeo directly, or do I need to put the thumbnails on my own hosting server? (obviously not the acutal video files ; )

Now, regarding the actual files that the customer will purchase and download, should I strip the HTML and PHP files of all of the thumbnail links and video links pointing to YouTube and Vimeo?

And since we’re on the subject, should I just use a generic .jpg for all of the thumbnails and photos in my Photo gallery?

Sorry if this was answered in the forums already, I looked but couldn’t find anything.


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pixel-industry says

It’s always a good practice in my opinion to use thumbnails for video (just in case he browser for some reason can’t display video). Also, this depends on the method you are using to show your videos (are these HTML5 videos that are shown in HTML5 player or maybe videos are showed in lightbox…)..