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DaniMun says
Here’s useful utility for aligning MC to center stage: http://activeden.net/item/auto-centre-movie-clip-on-the-stage/14109


shut7, shame on you for self-advertising your items on the Help Needed forum! That’s a big no-no!

Don’t you know that kind of practice is both illegal and immoral here on FD forums? What if every author started to promote their own files ?!?

You should flag your own comment!

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LGLab says
hmm that sounds like a good idea! ill try it right away. Isnt there anyway to declare the swf width/height before loading so that you could then do mc.height/2 mc.width/2

It seems that it doesnt worj since when loading the swf the loader doesnt know the size of it??? :S

Im absolutely not sure about that! ;)
You could use the MovieClipLoader class
+1, use MCL and the onLoadInit() method to trigger your positioning :-)