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SeraphimChris says
matu said
Just wondering if anyone can clear this up for me…. and its not a moan it is more of a question

I have just had a logo rejected with the below quote

“Your file has some well done design concepts, however it does not meet the current and very stringent quality guidelines and we can not accept your file at this time.”

and the first post here it reads

“If you are rejected, don’t be discouraged! You’re welcome to request feedback from your reviewer by responding to the email notice. Just keep in mind that new standards mean that we won’t be comparing new submissions to previously accepted files. However, our reviewers are always glad to help authors with feedback!”

so I mailed back asking for more info from the reviewer on why it was rejected and I get a don’t reply back message

“Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

So now I’m a little lost… can anyone help on what can be done to get feedback from the reviewer?

You have to put in a support ticket. That’s the only that way I know to get to a reviewer.

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Reclameworks says

What happened to the quality standards on the stationery category?

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LanceSnider says

I’m going to lock this because it’s a year old thread. I don’t want people to get confused into thinking this is a new announcement. :)

By the way, if you have any issues with uploaded files, please feel free to contact support.