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My GF can do logo for you for $10, her portfolio- http://www.zdncomputers.com/portfolio-artwork.php

She did yours to? You got be joking right that somebody is willing to create an identity for only as low as 10$. For this amount i work only 10 minutes.

We got as saying about this where i come from and that’s called,

“Goedkoop is duurkoop”

At it means something like this if i’m correct,

“a bad bargain is dear at a farthing”

I dont know what you meant to say with it, but no, she didnt do my logo- my logo was done about a year before she started making logos.

Its cheap because its only hobby for her; he likes to do it and whants to help people, so why go over the top?

ps.And you guys really need to stop being such a jerk towards the people, can you do that? Atleast for one day.