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jonathandangelo says

Hello! I’m looking for a blog, magazine, portfolio template that has these features:

- The template should have the opportunity to multiple blog accounts, giving them their own blog where they can post, create categories and upload their own logo and images to their posts. Check example on (http://urbanstyle.se and press in to “BLOGGAR”) - A portfolio of different categories, preferably with dates.

- It should be modern and very simple in design.

I’ve been looking for an eternity but there seems to be none of this.

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giggles666 says

That is Drupal, is that what you are looking for, a Drupal theme?

What system do you want? Or are you open to any?

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vickystudio says

I have create 1 magazine theme. Please check back: http://themeforest.net/item/magazine/5999747

Kind regards,
Vicky Studio