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iKyro says

Hi guys,

I am a front-end developer with 6 years of experience. I’ve done a lot of work for myself and for big companies. My main focus is Javascript, HTML, CSS, and ActionScript.

I started working with WordPress 3 years ago and i fell in love with it. I basically develop every site with it, even when using Flash.

My goal is to be dedicated in creating WordPress themes because i really love it, but i’m lacking in the design area. I do a lot of design for my projects but i’m never happy with it and that is why i’m looking for a designer.

I know there is a lot of designers out there that are creating design templates to sell. I think is a perfect partnership to join with a developer for several reasons: making the design come alive, reach more clients and in the end profit more.

If someone is interested please email me. Even if you don’t want a partnership but only to convert your site template to WordPress, email me :)

Regards AB

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Dzinc says

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SandWraith says
I’m interested. I want to work with you.

My skype is iwelinn