Looking for a designer to work with for multiple Wordpress/HTML Insurance Designs

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I’m getting ready to launch several insurance quote related sites and am looking for a designer to work with.

Most of the layots will be similar with variations on the design and color scheme aspects. Ideally I’d work with someone that already has a portfolio of designs in place that can be used to build from. I’d prefer to work with one designer for all design aspects including logo creation.

Here is an example of the type of site I’m talking about – InstantQuotes.com

The first 2 sites will be wordpress based. After that I am looking for 5+ basic html/css designs. Most pages will be based on a standard header and footer includes. All sites will include forms for quotes. I work with a developer so my concern is the design aspects of the forms more than any integrations or functionality.

I’d like to start with 1 of the wordpress sites first and if things go well work out a deal for the rest.

If you are interested please message me and we can discuss.


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Let me know full details at my email then! We would be glad to be of service regarding to your needs. Email me at nicole@wickedinnovations.com

We will forward it for evaluation and get back to you with quotation.

Let me know your interest then.

Best Regards, N-A

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Hello there,

We can’t get in touch with you as you haven’t provided any contact information but I’d love if you could drop me an e-mail via my profile page so we can discuss further.

Best Regards, Snaz