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mohitk117 says


I’m trying to redesign a html website to jQuery enabled html5 website… Problem is that most of the templates have normal dropdown menus with max visibility of upto 13 – 15 items on the page.

This website is for a company that has a large portfolio of paints, oils, waxes etc… The website has a very old design, and I need to redesign it into a much better responsive website.

Menu items are displayed as:

Main Menu: Home | About Us | Products | Gallery | Enquiry | Contact Us

Products Sub-Menu Level 1: [ 20 Categories ]

Products Sub-Menu Level 2: [ 3 – 10 Products ]

Finally the submenu level 2 contains links to the products so that means only 2 levels of product menu, that cannot be displayed in a normal dropdown menu due to overflow.

The Dropdown menu with overflow on the level 1, causes a vertical scroll-bar to show that doesn’t let the sub-menus appear.

Please could someone suggest a jQuery Plugin or a Themeforest Template that handles this requirement in a responsive way?