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rickw says

Hello devs!

I am looking for an experienced and reliable developer for my project. The project is a sort media manager system. It is based on the admin theme (bootstrap 3) “to do” (here on themeforest). There is no front-end just the admin area. It can be a long term project for extended functionality in future. It contains functions like:
  • login/user system (2 levels admin/user)
  • different forms
  • the manager based on sortable list combined with forms
  • inkfilepicker for uploading media (image/video/docs)
I have an extensive document with functional designs and descriptions. Also created 70% of html for example (It needs a check but I think it is pretty good for a designer ;-) )

Thanks looking forward to a skilled dev.

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BenSheppard says


Feel free to contact me via my profile page and we can talk about it more via email

Thanks BenSheppard

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SpyroPress says

Interested contact us at info@spyropress.com


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pixelgrade says


So you are looking for a custom coded solution. We can provide you with a top notch solution based on our in-house framework (PHP) built with security, speed and modularity in mind. Feel free to contact us at vlad.olaru@pixelgrade.com with more details and budget.

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jessicaatkins90 says

Hi, If you are still in a search for some skilled programmer, then feel free to contact my organization. Visit my profile for contact details.