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JimZM says

I need a custom wordpress website. Need opinions from you guys + want to find good developer.

Modify Directory Portal Wordpress Theme (http://themeforest.net/item/directory-portal-wordpress-theme/3840053)

(a)Change the page and post layout.

(b)Add membership features that has tracking system like in Sidereel.com

- user can create profile.

- user can track specific post/page.

- whenever the post/page is updated, user will receive notification (on profile+email)

- each profile has personal calendar showing upcoming updates of what they have tracked.

It is similar to sidereel.com. where users can create profile,track favorite shows, and get notification. (but for my project, its not in the same niche as sidereel, i just want the features)

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outandouter says

I will be very much interested in helping you out with all this. Kindly hit me up through my profile with more details and we can discuss more.

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DobrincuSebastian says

Hi ! I would love to do this job for you. If you need my help just contact me HERE. I can help you at a very resonable price :)

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sandra_2010 says

Hello there! We’re interested in here. Let’s discuss this over email. My email is: sandramercado2010 [at] gmail [dot] com. I’ll be glad to accommodate.

Hoping to hear from you.