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unisphere says

@unisphere You have no idea how much pain i went through getting my first theme ready for ie. Too give you an idea the first time I opened it in IE7 there was a blank screen.

Haha, guess that was fun :p

I normally don’t have many problems getting things working with IE, it’s just time consuming and boring as hell. This morning I found the stupidest IE7 bug to date, I was pulling my hair out for about an hour, then I found this… http://bit.ly/eGQp1N

Sorry Danny/Guilherme for hijacking the thread, back to the tubes :)

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webdezyner says

I’m pretty sure this was intentional, but has anyone noticed that DDSTUDIOS reads DDSTUD on the previous page when it’s obscured by the latest poster’s avatar?

Genius :)