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crozer says

I’ve got quite a few responses before yours landonw, if they don’t work out I’ll give you an email. Thanks.

GP, if you’re still needing somebody, I’d really appreciate it if you could send me the precise information (time/earnings) to my email.


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luckykind says

SportsTipsWorld to the Rescue!

No need to rescue him today… me and GP are BFF ’s for life, forever for life…

we share the same first name… it’s like an unbreakable bond…

sure we fight… but we’ll be drinking margaritas on the beach making fun of the beached jellyfish before the end of the year… so no harm done….

no need for you… get back in your telephone booth and back to your newspaper…

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ThemeProvince says

You’ll be working alongside me so it’ll always be a partaay :)