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SachaG says

Up to now I’ve coded all of the websites I’ve worked on myself. But I would like to start focusing more on design and less on coding, so I’m looking for someone to outsource my coding to.

I have a few requirements though. If you want to work with me you should follow these principles (or convince me that your way is better).
  • Use a CSS grid framework, preferably Blueprint
  • Keep design and structure separate in your CSS as much as possible (aka Object Oriented CSS )
  • Code something that looks ok in IE6 even if it’s not as nice as other browsers
  • Rely on existing javascript libraries and plugins (jquery is a plus as this is the library I use too)
  • Generally follow best practices, as far as they exist in the wild world of CSS

I know there’s a lot of services that do all of this like htmlrockstars.com but I’d rather build a trusted relationship with someone (plus those services are really expensive).

Contact me if you’re interested. I’m pretty flexible, so I don’t mind paying by the hour, by the project, or even referring clients to you directly so you can work out a deal with them.

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genesis23rd says


I am interested to help you about XHTML /CSS development. I have completed a dozens of some of the most complex layout design of a website with a fast turnaround. Please take a look at some of my previous work at my website: http://www.rommelmalang.com/

The opportunity you’ve mentioned is very interesting, and I believe that my strong technical experience in XHTML /CSS development make me a very competitive candidate for the job.

Looking forward to hear from you.