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FinalDestiny says

If you don’t plan on releasing a wordpress theme for your PSD / HTML template, please contact me via the contact form on my profile.

I’m looking for clean themes with most of the pages and features a standard WP theme has like standard portfolio, blog page, single post, contact form, buttons, slider, etc.

I’m only looking to buy themes that are already accepted on TF, I don’t have time to re-design themes that may not currently meet the TF requirements.

Contact me with a link to your item and with the price and I’ll reply you as soon as I see the message.

P.S. If the theme is really cool / it has many sales and you don’t want to sell the rights, but to make a partnership and sharing the profits, let me know, I’m open to any kind of partnership.

P.S2 As for my skills, I know I currently don’t have any item here on TF(already submitted one), but I work for one of the biggest companies providing wordpress themes(don’t know if it’s ok to post the name here, but will prove it to anyone that doubts it).

Thank you.

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SuggeElson says

I recommend you to browse the psd directory and search for author who not released a html or wordpress versions of your templates.