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After a lot of searching I’ve found here some changes which should be done in order that Dailymotion videos should work with Prettyphoto.

I’ve done these changes and it’s working… but not the first time after I refresh the page.

I mean that if I have this rel=”prettyPhoto[videos]” and here I have 3 videos from youtube, vimeo and dailymotion, it’s working only if I don’t hit the first time the dailymotion video. So if I hit the vimeo video and then going to next video…it’s working. But if I refresh the page and hit the dailymotion video first… it’s not working.

I’m sure this is a minor change because it doesn’t recognize the path for the first time or something I don’t know…

A live example is here.

And, yes I found Casar Davorin’s script but dailymotion doesn’t work, even if he says is working.

Could somebody help me please?

Thanks in advice.