Making money off the interest from money sitting in the deposit section of "My Account"

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knightb says

Where do I find a plugin, widget or application like a paypal or google checkout that will hold deposit money for consumers while they are shopping? This will make our consumer a qualified buyer to proposed seller of the product. How does this work? Does it generate interest? How can we keep that interest?

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fillerspace says

Are you talking about a system like Envato’s, where customers buy credits first, and then buy products from this balance? You can do this very easily with PayPal. As far as earning interest on that, you can do it by withdrawing the proceeds from PayPal and putting them in an interest or income generating account (e.g. money market, CD, savings, brokerage). If you are paying sellers, you just transfer enough back into PayPal to cover your payouts and use the Mass Pay API . With any luck, over time, you’ll have an average balance in your income generating account high enough to pay a decent amount.