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Com says


Do you know other marketplaces such like ThemeForest.
I know only TemplateMonster.

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enstyled says

You surely can find a lot of similar marketplaces, but TF is the biggest and best one, as the site manager shared, some time ago, ThemeForest surpasses TemplateMonster.

Why do you need another one?

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al_m473 says

TF may be the bigest and the best but does depend on competition with other sites to be that way. I would think that if there were no other sites out there driving TF forward, then we would all be at a great loss for it.

as customers and authors for this site, TF does not exiast in a vacuum, and we need to know the competition. if you don’t, how do know how well you are doing? how do you know you are the best? what is your incentive to stay the best? so in the end, we will all benefit from the competition not only in the market for the products that are being sold on Envato marketplaces but the authors are very much competing to develop better product for sale in these marketplaces. as long as Envato provides the viable marketplace it does for authors, then they will continue to produce higher and higher quality product for it and they all hope to go along for the ride. I as a buyer only, benefit greatly from all of this.

my thoughts


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thevisualscience says


New site, but looks real promising!

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yeah, I am looking forward to see this one :) not that I would make a switch, it’s just interesting stuff to check out the competition once in a while :P

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TahaH-Studio says

I always have a feeling that all these websites, more or less, they are a clone of TF. :) .

edit: Surprisingly [removed] is built on wp. I like the way they customized wp.

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TPN Staff says

Hey Guys,

Please do not post links to competitors. Thanks!