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JeffJanes says

I’m just looking for a simple redesign of my site, http://megamanx9.com. I did the design for the current layout, and would like something similar, but a little newer, such as a glossy effect like this template…


...keep in mind this is just a layout redesign. Most of the code on there is simple pasted text anyway, so it’s mainly a graphic redo, maybe with some techy PS brushes here and there. I’d love something like this, and would pay extra for it. It’s the good ol’ Shiver7 template, except I’d like to keep the same dark gray/black color theme on my current site.


I’ll make the banners myself, I just need the darker, layout based graphics redone.

Should be a really simple project, so my budget is maybe $300-$400, but $500 if I absolutely love it, and it’s as good as the techy feeling the shiver7 template has. Hope I’m clear enough! =P


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xyxjasilixyx says

Hello, I’m very interested in collaboration.

My portfolio can be viewed at http://www.livingforart.com and you can contact me on my e-mail: jasmin@livingforart.com.

I hope you will contact and hire me. Thank you.


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ZDN_web_design says


i am freelance web designer/developer from UK with 8 years of experience in range of skillls you can check on http://www.zdncomputers.com/cv.php

I am very interested in working with you. Check my portfolio at www.zdncomputers.com/portfolio.php and my profile for prices and my contact information.

Zach N.